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Reloj S.XX
Mecanismo dos relojes
Claustro del convento


Reloj S.XX
The monastery of San Francisco, also called 'of the Capuchins', poses the challenge of controlling the passage of time through a fine collection of ancient clocks. The abbey, founded by King Theobald II in the 13th century, is a good example of Gothic architecture of the mendicant orders of the period. With a straight front, a single nave and a star-shaped vault, the church provides access to a magnificent rectangular cloister through a foliated door.

You can go back in time through this collection of tower clocks from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Restored machinery is on display together with documents and photographs that span over 3,000 years of history of the world of clocks. A short film throws more light on the subject. The exhibition is completed with steles, paintings and a sculpture of Father Llevaneras, the founder of the college at Lekarotz, by the contemporary sculptor Jorge Oteiza.


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