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Nature Interpretation Centre of Pitillas

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The Observatory and its surroundings
The lake at Pitillas, covering 206 hectares, is the largest steppe-type landscape of endorheic origin in Navarre, and one of the largest in the Ebro Valley. There is an incredible abundance and diversity of waterfowl here, who choose this lagoon to spend the winter or breed. It is also a strategic place to rest and feed for the countless birds who migrate on the Western Pyrenean route.

Declared a Nature Reserve in 1987, it was added to the network of Areas of Special Protection for Birds in 1991 and has been classified as a Wetland of International Importance since 1996.

Standing on a hill overlooking the lake, the observatory makes the ideal viewing point for watching the birds in the different areas of the Nature Reserve. Through a series of panels and various graphic and audiovisual material, visitors are given extensive information on the environmental characteristics of the lake, essentially on aspects relating to the waterfowl. The origins and history of the wetland are also explained.

There is also a collection of guides, binoculars and telescopes available for visitors to identify the birds that might be visiting the Pitillas lake at any given time during their lifecycle.


Guided visit

Description: paseo llano y sin dificultad, de una hora y meida en torno a la Laguna. Solo se necesita calzado cómodo. Dirigidas a público en general hasta completar un mínimo de 15 personas y un máximo de 25. Grupos organizados, concertar a parte.

Price of the visit: Gratuita.

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