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Vino 3 Riberas

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The Protected Geographical Indication Vinos de la Tierra "3 Riberas" emerged at the end of 2008 on the initiative of the Unión de Cooperativas Agrarias de Navarra and the Asociación de Bodegas de Navarra
Its Regulatory Standard states that the wine must come from vineyards located in Navarre except those that come under the DOC Rioja.
The wines can be rosés, whites and reds, clear, bright and lively, with aromas in which one can appreciate the characteristics of the grape variety they come from. In the mouth they should be fresh, flavourful and balanced.
Unión de Cooperativas Agrarias de Navarra and the

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The Protected Geographical Indication is the highest level of European recognition within the Designations of Quality Products.

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