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Partridges with chocolate



After cleaning the partridges, season them well inside and outside.

The vegetables are sliced and put into a pot with oil. Lightly brown them for a few minutes and then add the partridges.

After browning them a little, cover them with white wine and vinegar. Cover the pot and cook on a low heat until they are cooked.

During cooking you can add a small measure of chicken stock if the partridges are very hard.

When ready, remove them from the heat and pour the sauce through the vegetable mill. Put it in a saucepan and, at very low heat, add the chocolate, stirring all the time until the sauce has thickened.

Ingredients: 4 perdices, 1 cebolla, 2 zanahorias, 3 dientes de ajo, 1 hoja de laurel, 1 vaso de vino blanco, 1 decilitro de aceite de oliva, 1 cucharada de vinagre, 1 cucharada de chocolate amargo, sal, pimienta negra y un cacito de caldo.

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