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Deer in Lesakenea



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This unique and expansive deer development is located in the Gorriztaran valley some 3 km from the town centre of Leitza and just half an hour from Pamplona. Surrounded by farmhouses, mountains and green fields, it covers around 20 hectares and is an ideal way to discover how these animals live.
In October and the start of November, coinciding with the deer mating season, a great spectacle of nature can be enjoyed: the bellow of the deer. In May and June the fawns are born in the most wooded and mountainous area, and a week later the fawns can be seen on the meadow. Between February and March, and following the life cycle of the deer, we can witness the shedding of the antlers and the subsequent appearance of newer and larger antlers which are fully grown by August.  Thus the males prepare once again to attract females in a new bellowing.
For anyone visiting, it is also possible to visit the antler exhibition and deer pens, and even get the chance to feed the deer  through the enclosure fence, as they love being hand-fed bread.
This agro-tourism offers visitors a unique and complete experience, as there are also rural holiday homes available Lesakenea I and Lesakenea II where visitors can disconnect and get back to nature. This space can be the starting point for the Plazaola Greenway route, or for trips to mountains over 1,000 metres, such as Aizan, Ezkurra and Zuparrobi. What's more, from the top of some of these mountains, on a clear day you can even make out some  Pyrenean peaks, and even catch a glimpse of the Cantabrian sea. Without a doubt, Lesakenea is a privileged location.

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Los ciervos conviven con una exposición de esculturas de hierro de gran tamaño que representan escenas de distintos tipos de deporte rural.



Precio entrada: 3,00 €

Remarks: niños hasta 4 años, gratis. Grupo mínimo para realizarse la actividad, 5 personas.

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Description: incluída en el precio de la entrada.

Price of the visit: 3€. Niños hasta 4 años, gratis. Grupo mínimo para realizar la visita, 5 personas (mayores de 4 años).

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