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Vendimia en familia

Vendimia en familia en Beire The Rural Tourism Centre of Beitu, in Beire, just 4 km from Olite, is a leisure space for discovering experiences such as participating in a wine harvest with the family.

The aim is to bring the kids closer to the wine making process. With a basket on your shoulder, you are taken to the fields to pick grapes on the same vine; when the basket is good and full, you take it to the place where the must is extracted, which is a process involving traditional methods such as treading the grapes, or more modern ones, with machines that facilitate the pressing and extraction process. The comes the bottling phase, when you cook the "caldo" and personalise a bottle that you can take home to as a souvenir of this experience.

An incredible experience for all the family. Don't miss it! Here's a video to give you an appetite for the experience.


Razones para no perdértela

Primavera Verano Otoño Invierno

The best moment

Esta actividad sólo se puede realizar en temporada de vendimia, que varía de año en año en función de las condiciones meteorológicas.
How to finish the day

How to finish the day

Acercate a las vecinas localidades medievales de Olite, Ujué y San Martín de Unx.


La comida campera estará compuesta por chistorra, panceta y costilla de cerdo, pero pregunta también por otras opciones.

Practical information

  • Locality BEIRE
  • Zone The Central Zone

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  • Tel.948740041 / 679680375