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30 unmissable routes

cattered across the region are 30 routes which will turn you into an expert on Navarre. These varied trails will take you to forests, waterfalls, caves, rivers, hermitages and dolmens. You'll scale summits, encounter birds, and discover legends.

The routes are categorised as family-friendly (take your kids along), general public (unchallenging and suitable for everyone) or experienced (for those with some hiking experience).

Choose the one that most appeals, put your hiking boots on and enjoy the awe-inspiring landscapes, contact with genuine people and rich gastronomy that will fill your backpack with a unique experience


1. Pottoka Azul trail, Zugarramurdi.
2. Xorroxin waterfall, Erratzu.
3. IturburuaBertiz Natural Park, Oieregi.

4. Larraun spring, Iribas
5. Hillside of the vultures, Irurtzun
6. Monumental oaks, Jauntsarats.
7. Leurtza reservoirs, Urrotz
8. Orgi trail, Lizaso
9. Basajaunberro forest, Orreaga/Roncesvalles
10. Paraísos - Erlan trail, Irati - Orbaizeta forest
11. ErrekaidorraIn the heart of Irati, Ochagavía
12. Gartxot trail, Izalzu
13. Ori ascent, Larrau pass - Salazar valley
14. Zemeto trail, Belagua valley
15. Dronda - Mata de Haya, Isaba - Rincón de Belagua
16. Artikomendia, Isaba.
17. Dolmens trail, Etxarri Aranatz
18. Route of the Mountaineers, Urbasa-Andía Natural Park
23. Irati river - Hermitage of San Román, Aoiz


21. Three Hermitages trail - Sarbil,  Muniáin de Guesálaz
22. Arga riverside trail, Pamplona


19. Urederra spring, Baquedano
20. Irantzu river canyon, Abárzuza
24. Hermitage of Santiago de Lókiz, Ollobarren
25. Artajona dolmens, Artajona
26. Iturrixikin - Monte de Arriba, Iracheta
27. Papa - Peña del Adiós trail, Javier


28. Barranco de las Cortinas, Bardena Blanca
29. El fraile, Bardena Negra.
30. Las Roscas circuit, Fitero

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The best moment

Take advantage of the guided tours organised to cover some of these walking trails, combined with interesting tourism activities.

How to finish the day

The best way to rest and recharge is by sampling our delicious cuisine, which is created around the superior quality of our regional products.


We recommend that you inform yourself in advance as to the length, elevation change, and individual recommendations of each trail.