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OK Run in the San Fermin Festival

Tradition, promises, or the search for a challenge are just some of the reasons that bring runners to participate in such a feat.

From July 7 to 14, the bull running events shake our city every morning. Just minutes before the clock strikes 8:00, the young runners break out in song, asking for protection from the Saint, while tensions mount in the environment. When the first starting shot sounds, nerves and emotions run wild as 6 bulls and 4 cabestros (tame bullocks) depart from the corral and head for the Santo Domingo Hill.

The most daring young runners place themselves in front of the horns - some of them trip and others are toppled by the beasts, as the race over the cobblestone streets becomes uncontrollable. They go down the route until coming to its dangerous curve where Estafeta Street can be found, with the Telefónica curve at its end and the dangerous alleyway that leads to the bullring, where 22,000 people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the animals and the runners, praying for a happy ending.

The noise is immense and the danger continuous until -at last- the bulls enter the bull pen. At that very moment, the last rocket sounds, followed by immense applause from the crowd that fills the bull stadium - a crowd that can finally breathe easy.


Razones para no perdértela

The best moment

Todos los días entre el 7 y el 14 de julio a las 08:00.

How to finish the day

Sigue disfrutando de los actos diurnos y nocturnos de la fiesta.


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