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Urbasa Abentura Park


Locality: LARRAONA

Address: Calle Mendigaraia 1

Zone: The Pyrenees


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Valle de Amescoa

Tel.: 677264559 - 610431999


Guided visit

This adventure park is located at the foot of the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park between the Ilargi and Eguzki rock outcrops. It has several ropeways of varying difficulty, depending on the users' age and physical condition.

Visitors can enjoy free fall experiences, zip lines and a course of aerial tests on a large spider's web-type course, where every rope is a different test to be overcome, Tibetan bridges, short rock climbs, wooden platforms...

These itineraries are complemented by small iron rock climbing routes that bring the visitor into close contact with the rock and also teach him/her the right way to use safety equipment for adventure sports.



Precio entrada: 14,00 €

Remarks: de 3 a 6 años, 4€. De 7 a 12 años, 10€. De 13 años en adelante, 14€.


Description: visitas a cuevas, rutas de orientación, senderismo.

Opening hours - Todo el año: consultar con la empresa.

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+34 848 420 420


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