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Greenway of the Gorge at Lumbier

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Vía Verde de la Foz de Lumbier
icono pie de fotoVía Verde de la Foz de Lumbier
Foz de Lumbier
icono pie de fotoFoz de Lumbier
Foz de Lumbier
icono pie de fotoFoz de Lumbier
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No se recomienda el acceso al Puente del Diablo porque es dificultoso y muy peligroso.

Vía Verde de la Foz de Lumbier
Limestone gullies with soaring rock faces, the river running below, the air cut by the wings of griffon vultures and the echo of the clattering of the railway line. This is the "Irati" as it passes through the Foz (gorge) at Lumbier, a Nature Reserve.

The Irati was the electric passenger train in Spain, which led it to appear in several articles in the newspapers and encyclopaedias of the time. From 1911 to 1955 the train covered the 36 miles along the Pamplona-Aoiz-Sangüesa line.

At present, 6 kilometres of the route have been arranged as a greenway, allowing visitors to travel it at their leisure.

Although it was initially built to carry timber from Mount Irati to the sawmill at Aoiz it soon became a modern means of transport for passengers from the valleys in the area. Despite its prestige, by the mid-20th century the rise of the motor car led to the demise of the Irati line.

However, the route that follows the old railway line is back in fashion again, particularly in the best-conserved section, a 4-mile stretch on good ground between Lumbier and Liédena. The route winds through one of the most beautiful areas of scenery in Navarre, the Nature Reserve of the Foz de Lumbier.

A number of structures evoke the railway past of the area. The iron bridge over the crystal-clear waters of the river Salazar, just outside Lumbier, marks the start of the old railway line.

There are very few sections that recall the line along the way, although the most characteristic are the two tunnels through the limestone rock that allow access to the gorge. At the exit of the second tunnel stand the ruins of the 16th-century 'Puente del Diablo' (Devil's Bridge).

Liédena is the end of the line and preserves a number of old buildings. The railway station, the platforms, stores -and even the accommodation for the personnel- seem to be watching the horizon to look for the arriving train.

It is essentially a beautiful walk that is free of smoke and noise. The route is level and the well-compacted earth means that both pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy the route.




  • Acceso gratuito a la foz.
  • Tasa de aparcamiento cuando existe servicio de guardas: motos 1€, coches 2,5€ y autobuses 5€.

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Service provider: Centro de Interpretación de las Foces 948 88 0874


Se trata del antiguo camino del Ferrocarril del Irati que atraviesa el interior de la foz. (Longitud: 2,6 Km. ida y vuelta.)

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