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The climate of Navarre

The northwest: Atlantic climate, the ever-green Navarre

The influence of the Bay of Biscay tones down temperatures in all seasons, and the ever-present moisture in the air makes the Baztan or Bidasoa valleys green all year round. This is the region’s Atlantic climate. Winters are gentle, with minimum temperatures around 12 degrees, often accompanied by mist and a fine drizzle called sirimiri. Summers are very pleasant, with moderate temperatures around 22 degrees.

The northeast: Mountain climate, the coolest part of Navarre

Heading northeast, the mountain ranges are more abrupt, with high peaks. Temperatures are more extreme in winter, dropping to zero degrees and leading to snow on the highest slops. Summertime, when the average temperature is around 25 degrees, is characterised by cool nights.

Pamplona, the Central Zone and the foothills of the Pyrenees: the transition

As you head south in Navarre the climate gradually changes, giving way to more extreme temperatures both in winter and in summer. The winter, although often sunny, is usually cold, with a fair amount of rain and the odd snowfall, while the summer is hot and dry but with cool nights.

The South: The Mediterranean climate of the Ribera area around the Ebro valley

The southern part of the region, affected by the continental air masses of the Ebro valley, has a continental Mediterranean climate. Although the sun usually shines, winters can be cold thanks to the prevailing north wind called the ‘cierzo’. The summer in the Ribera is dry and marked by the sun and heat, with temperatures sometimes reaching 40 degrees.

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