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Spring 2015

The 'green thaw' wakes Nature up, and all one?s senses. Then comes Easter and the romerías (popular pilgrimages).

Art and Culture

Enjoy our traditions and discover our heritage of monuments in contrasting natural spaces.

Art and Culture

This season?

From April 2nd-6th 2015 Easter in Navarre

Navarre’s Easter celebrations are not as well known as those in Andalusia or Castile, but they will surprise you.

Spring 2015 Spring festivities and traditions

The deep green of the meadows and mountains of Navarre is often accompanied by open-air celebrations.

Spring 2015 Gastronomic events in the first season of the year

Springtime is when vegetables are at their best and the rosé wines of Navarre are at their freshest. Come and taste them.

Spring 2015 Paths, paths...

Dolmens, dove hunting posts, old trades and railways lines: good excuses to enjoy the splendour of spring.

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