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Winter 2015

The landscape whitens and goes to sleep. After Christmas, ancestral Carnivals and the Javieradas (a popular pilgrimage to the birthplace of the patron saint) come along.

Art and Culture

Enjoy our traditions and discover our heritage of monuments in contrasting natural spaces.

Art and Culture

This season?

Winter 2015 Cider houses time

… was an apple. What would she have done if she had seen the forbidden fruit squashed by great mallets and turned into tasty sparkling cider?

Winter 2015 Snow white

The Navarrese Pyrenees are getting ready for the 2014/2015 skiing season that will officially start on 1 December.

Winter 2015 Shows this winter

The winter programme in Navarre fills the region’s stages with concerts and theatre, with something for everyone.

Winter 2015 Carnival, carnival, carnival... I love you!

Miel Otxin, Aldabika, Mari Trapu, the momotxorros and the zaku zaharrak are some of the characters that star during Shrovetide.

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