San Fermín

Plano y servicios

Download the city map and important information about services.

Plano de la ciudad y servicios

Guided visits and VIP Programmes

Some specialist companies organise guided visits in the city to show visitors the most notable aspects of the fiesta, and also interesting VIP programmes .


Banks and automatic cash machines

Banks and cajas de ahorro (savings banks) are generally open in the morning, from 9:00-13:00 hours, except for July 7th, the Day of San Fermín. Some banks are also open between these hours on Saturdays during the fiesta. Almost all of them close in the afternoon.

However, if your usual bank is closed and you need to visit one of its offices you can always visit a branch in the towns around Pamplona, which are open as usual. Banks and savings banks are all closed on Sundays and public holidays.


Change of currencies

Generally, it is not possible to pay for products and services in currencies other than the euro. The only exception is certain hotels.


Automatic cash machines and Credit cards

Pamplona has a large number of ATMs (cash machines). However, they are sometimes empty by the end of the day (mainly in the Old Part) due to the high number of people using them.

Credit cards are widely accepted, especially the best-known like Visa, Mastercard or American Express, although many small shops will ask for payment in cash.


Baths, showers and launderettes

There are a number of public toilets in the streets and squares of Pamplona, and some of them (also have showers.


Emergency telephones and other services

SOS NAVARRE: 112 (for any incident)
Municipal Police: 092
Regional Police (red and grey uniform): 112 - 948 426 830
Nacional Police: 091 - Calle General Chinchilla, 3
Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) 062 or 948 296 850 - Avenida Galicia, 2
Traffic Guardia Civil: 948 234 700


Servicios sanitarios y otros

Hospital de Navarra: 848 422 100 - Calle Irunlarrea, 3
Citizens' enquiries: 948 42 01 00
Bullring: 948 221 059 - Calle Amaya, 1
Main Post Office (includes Telegrams): 948 221 263 - Paseo de Sarasate, 9
Tow truck and parking fines service: 948 42 02 44
Lost property: 948 420 612